Hailing from the state of Colorado, Skylar is a bilingual Korean American writer and a longtime fan of K-Pop. Having fallen in love with K-Pop in the heyday of Shinhwa and g.o.d and become a true fan upon Girls’ Generation’s debut, Skylar brings her extensive experience with the K-Entertainment scene to the table in each article. Skylar is excited to bring news from all over the K-Pop world to fans just like her.
Jessi And Lee Kwang Soo Show Off Their Chaotic Sibling-Like Energy On “Jessi’s Show!terview”

This duo will never get old 😂

Former Olympian Nam Hyun Hee Confesses She Was Suspended From The National Team — Because Of Plastic Surgery

She received permission from the association prior to her procedure.

Nam Tae Hyun Exposes His Stalker’s Face And Pleads With Her To “Wake Up From Her Dream”

He “even moved because of [her].”

Music Producer Sleep Deez Confirms That Beyoncé Loved BTS Jungkook’s “My Time”

We are not okay, we repeat, we are not okay.

Goo Hye Sun Reportedly Trying To Delete Online Traces Of Her Divorce From Ahn Jae Hyun

She’s claiming “infringement of privacy and false information.”

Photos Of 4Minute’s Subunit 2YOON On A MV Set Spread Online, Fueling Rumors Of A Comeback

Please let this be true!

Grimes Showers G-Dragon With Endless Praises — Calls Him “An Icon And A God”

I mean, who are we to disagree?

Park Soo Hong Announces His Marriage To His Non-Celebrity Girlfriend In A Heartfelt Instagram Post

Congratulations to the couple!

JTBC’s “Nevertheless” To Edit Out Kim Min Gwi As Much As Possible Due To His Cheating Controversy

The actor previously admitted to infidelity.

Song Ji Hyo Hilariously Creates Chaos On “Running Man” After Saying Kim Jong Kook’s Money Is Her Money

We cannot with her 😂