Jenny was born and raised in Korea before emigrating to the United States, which she now calls home. Having started as H.O.T.'s biggest fan girl, Jenny literally “grew up with K-Pop” and brings her extensive knowledge of the music, language, and culture to bear on everything she writes. She loves artists like IU, SHINee, and MONSTA X.
Brand Representatives Explain Why Actor Kim Seon Ho Got Removed From Advertisements So Quickly, Even Before He Admitted To Being “Actor K”

“We don’t understand why he decided to ghost us, too…”

Korean Theater Brand “MEGABOX” Accused Of Allegedly Tampering With Female-Led Movie Posters, Sparks Heated Debate Over Misogyny

The cinema chain has not yet responded to the criticism.

Kim Seon Ho’s Agency, SALT Entertainment, Issues Response To The “Actor K” Gaslighting And Forced Abortion Scandal

The agency also apologized for the startling news.

Gaslighting And Forced Abortion Accusations Against “Actor K” Are Taking Over The Internet — Here Are The Full Translations

While there is no concrete evidence to identify “Actor K,” Korean media outlets have singled out one individual.

TvN’s Upcoming K-Drama “Melancholia” Sparks Online Debate Over The Potential “Student-Teacher Romance” Premise

It’s getting heated between viewers who think it’s problematic vs. viewers who want to wait and see.

“One The Woman” Actress Lee Honey Used To Get Criticized For Her Looks Not Fitting Into The “Korean Beauty Standards”

From her beauty pageant days to actress debut, she faced constant negativity.

Actress Song Sun Mi Bursts Into Tears As She Opens Up About Her Daughter Missing Her Late Husband Murdered By A Hitman

All the best to Song Sun Mi and her precious Arri! 🥺❤️

South Korean “Volleyball Twins” Player Lee Da Young Confronts Domestic Abuse And Infidelity Accusations Made By Her Husband

Meanwhile, Koreans are expressing shock at the fact Lee Da Young had been married at all.

Police Investigation Reveals More About The Korean Woman Arrested Inside STARSHIP Entertainment Building For Harassing CRAVITY

Here’s how she got in.

BTS’s Jungkook Unlikely To Be Found Responsible For Under-The-Table Advertisement, According To The South Korean Fair Trade Commission

“It does not seem Jungkook has violated any policies…”