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These 6 Female Celebrities Have The “Trendiest” Faces In Korea Right Now, According To The Internet

🔥 Beware, this list is actually breathtaking.🥵

KBS K-Drama “Young Lady And Gentleman” Faces Heavy Criticism For Airing Two “Unnecessarily Violent” Scenes

Viewers have taken to the KBS Bulletin Board to express their frustration.

Concerned Scholars Send Open Letter To Walt Disney’s Asia Pacific President About The K-Drama “Snowdrop” On Disney+

Georgia Tech Assistant Professor Bae Keung Yoon and 25 other “scholars of Korea” asked the company to consider the impacts of “Snowdrop” on its far-reaching platform.

VERIVERY Receives Support From K-Pop Fans After “Heartbreaking” Screenshots From The Group’s 3rd Anniversary Live Broadcast

The celebratory broadcast came only a few days following the controversy involving member Minchan.

Aespa Winter’s Alleged “AskFM” Account Revealed To Belong To Someone Else, Real Owner Warns Legal Action

It turned out to belong to someone of the same name, age, and hometown as Winter.

“Running Man” Comedian Yang Se Chan Under Fire For Making A Rude Joke About Actress Jeon So Min During A Game

“So Min genuinely looks hurt and not in a losing-the-game sort of way.”

EVERGLOW Fans Grow Concerned Following The Agency’s Announcement About Member Yiren’s Upcoming Hiatus

Yuehua Entertainment announced that Yiren will be away in China for about a month.

DAY6 Fans Grow Concerned After JYP Entertainment Releases A Contradicting Announcement On Jae’s Departure

Meanwhile, Jae has offered some clarification in a Twitch stream.

Actor Lee Yi Kyung Gives The Cutest, Most Unexpected Acceptance Speech At The “2021 KBS Drama Awards”

What a speech! 😂

Here Are All The Winners From The “2021 KBS Drama Awards”

🥳 Congratulations to all the winners!✨