People Around The World Remember The Sewol Ferry Victims With #Remember0416

On the 4th anniversary of the Sewol ferry tragedy, the whole world remembers.

The 4th anniversary of the Sewol ferry disaster has been remembered on Twitter with the hashtag “#remember0416”.


The passenger ferry sank off the coast of Jindo on April 16, 2014 and killed more than 300 passengers, mostly high school students from Danwon High School in Ansan.

The wreckage being raised in 2017. Source: New York Times


4 years since the accident, people are the world left moving messages on social media for victims, reminding them and their families that no matter what, they won’t be forgotten.

“On this day, my heart is always aching and I still remember April 16, 2014 vividly…. Me and my friends the same age are even sadder and can’t believe it… that 4 years has already passed.”


They paid their respects as they remembered what happened, how the families felt and the last messages that were received from both the survivors and victims.


They reflected back on the last footages sent from the victims’ phones.


People from all around the world, left heart warming messages all throughout Twitter.

“I still remember the pain from four years ago, I think I can understand only a little of the hurt the victim’s parents have thinking about their babies.”

“I pray for your souls.”


Surviving parents continuously ask for people to always remember what happened on April 16, 2018.

Source: Korea Times

“A person is truly dead when he is forgotten. I ask you all in sincerity one more time. Please do not forget Sewol April 16.” — Grieving parent

Source: Korea Times