LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha Cried In Their Practice Room Recently, But It Wasn’t Her First Time

Here’s what happened.

Based on the accounts of many K-Pop idols, their job isn’t easy. It comes with grueling schedules, hours of practice, nasty comments online, and a host of other issues. The members of SOURCE MUSIC girl group LE SSERAFIM recently revealed that Kazuha cried in their practice room, but not because of the aforementioned difficulties!


According to her members, Kazuha couldn’t hold back her emotions when she heard Yunjin‘s self-made song, “Raise Y_our Glass,” for the first time.

Yunjin | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

Sakura and Eunchae described the song in a recent video, saying it is a story about the group.

  • Eunchae: Emotions. That’s the word to define the song.
  • Sakura: It goes so well with Yunjin’s voice.
  • Eunchae: You can tell it’s Yunjin’s song and this is a story about Yunjin and us.
  • Sakura: It’s so Yunjin.

Sakura (left) and Eunchae (right)

Kazuha apparently cried in the midst of their dance practice when Yunjin played it out loud. She may have felt it deeply because of the beautiful melody, Yunjin’s soulful voice, or because she could relate to the heartfelt lyrics.

And it wasn’t just Kazuha who teared up—Chaewon did, too!

  • Chaewon: I teared up.
  • Sakura: Zuha cried yesterday at the practice room when she listened to it.
  • Yunjin: Yeah! She started crying in the middle of choreo practice.

Saying it was “so good” that they listened to it more than once, Eunchae added that Kazuha herself had admitted to tearing up.

Yeah, she played the song for us, and it was so good that we listened to it again during break in choreo practice, and Zuha said the song made her tear up and she cried!

— Eunchae

But that apparently wasn’t the only time she had cried. Sakura explained that the other time was when they first learned the “FEARLESS” choreography.

It’s the second time Zuha cried. The first time was when we learned “FEARLESS,” and this is the second time.

— Sakura

From their words, Kazuha seems to tear up in special moments when something touches her soul and makes her feel emotional. It just goes to show that Yunjin’s song, “Raise Y_our Glass,” is a treasure that everyone should listen to!


While you’re at it, hear it for yourself here:

Source: YouTube