This Viral Photo Of Jennie And Kai Isn’t All It Appears, Here’s Why

Here’s the truth behind the mega-viral photo.

Shortly before EXO Kai‘s birthday, a picture surfaced of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie standing next to a birthday picture of Kai and melted many hearts. It turns out, however, that the photo isn’t all that it seems.


When fans first discovered the picture they were a bit surprised since it hasn’t been that long since the new couple’s dating news broke, but they thought the picture was sweet and began using it to celebrate Kai’s birthday making it go viral.


But it didn’t take fans long before they realized it may not have been what it seemed. After doing a little digging, they realized that the photo was, in fact, a very good photoshop.


The birthday poster of Kai was one photo taken by fans…


And Jennie’s body came from a photo that she had uploaded to Instagram during a trip to Disneyland France.


Although the photo may be just a very good photoshop, it’s still very cute! And maybe in the future, we’ll be blessed with a real photo like this one!

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