BTS Jungkook’s English Speaking Skills Are Getting Better By The Day

It’s all due to his dedication and effort!

BTS‘s Jungkook recently surprised fans with his fluent English during their live broadcast after their epic performance with Halsey at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

Fans were extremely surprised and proud of Jungkook who sounded very fluent delivering a message to ARMYs.


Not long ago, Jungkook revealed that he was studying to become BTS’s #2 English speaker so that he can hopefully help RM answer English interview questions by next year.


Jungkook also shouted the phrase, “Let’s get this bread!” at the audience on M Countdown, catching fans completely off guard.


Just last year, Jungkook made fans go “Awww” when he mixed in a bunch of English words together during an interview on Good Morning America. 


Now, he seems to have gained some confidence and takes each opportunity to practice his English!


With so much progress already, Jungkook will most definitely be fluent by next year! Keep up the good work, Jungkook!

Source: Vlive