Burning Sun Scandal

Burning Sun Scandal

The Burning Sun Scandal has the entire K-Pop industry in a frenzy, with multiple idols having been implicated in enabling and even running a secret sex chatroom including Seungri (BIGBANG) Jung Joon Young,Jonghyun (CNBLUE) and Junhyung (Highlight) and Jonghun (F.T. Island)

Seungri Apologizes To BIGBANG, YG Entertainment, And His Fans During Military Trial, Says He Has Been “Reborn”

He apologized to BIGBANG and VIP.

Military Prosecution Seeks 5 Years In Prison for Seungri On Prostitution Charges

The case continued into July 1, 2021.

Seungri Defends Himself In Court And Denies All Charges Of Prostitution

He denied claims.

Actress Han Ye Seul Personally Explains Why She Went To The Burning Sun Club And Denies Involvement In The Scandal

She denies all illegal activity accusations.

Witness Denies BIGBANG Seungri’s Involvement With Her And Shares That Police Allegedly Fabricated Her Statement

The trial continues to unfold as time goes by.

Burning Sun’s Yoo In Seok Withdraws His Appeal And Is Sentenced To Probation

He will be a witness in Seungri’s trial.

Prosecutors Present CCTV Evidence Showing Seungri’s Alleged Affiliation With Gang Members

The footage reportedly showed Seungri’s victim being threatened by gang members.

Burning Sun Whistleblower Uploads Photo Of Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon With A Disturbing Message

“I’m sure you saw it all, right Hyoyeon?”

Jung Joon Young Reportedly Refused To Attend Seungri’s Trial As A Witness

He could be forced to attend next time.

Former BIGBANG’s Seungri Denies All Charges Made Against Him For Illegal Filming…Despite Newly Acquired Witnesses

The witnesses will go on stand from November onwards.