Actor Jo Byung Gyu's Bullying Allegation

Jo Byung Gyu’s Alleged Victim Shares A Detailed Update About The Case Since Their Initial Post

They have some questions for the actor’s label.

Actor Jo Byung Gyu Vents His Frustration At The Continued False Accusations His School Bullying Accuser Makes

He vented out his feelings.

Actor Jo Byung Gyu Releases A Personal Statement Addressing His Bullying Accusations

“I don’t know why I’m being attacked…”

KBS Postpones “Come Back Home” Production, But Denies Relation To Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s Bullying Scandal

The show had been set to start production on February 20, 2021.

Jo Byung Gyu Is Hit With Another Bullying Accusation After An Alleged Victim Reveals He Was Beat Up By The Actor

“He hit my knees, legs, shoulders, etc. He kept hitting me…”

Jo Byung Gyu’s Agency Releases An Update After Getting In Contact With The OP Of The False Bullying Rumors

They have gotten in contact with the OP.

Netizens Become Detectives And Find Evidence That Actor Jo Byung Gyu’s Alleged Bullying Rumors Could Be False

Both netizens and his agency will not tolerate any more malicious rumors.

“The Uncanny Counter” Actor Jo Byung Gyu Officially Denies School Bullying Rumors, Promises Legal Action

He has denied all rumors.

“The Uncanny Counter” Actor Jo Byung Kyu Accused Of Bullying Former Classmate

The victim wants an apology.