[★TRENDING] Netizens suspect masked singer “Mother Said UV Nope” to be an Apink member

Avid viewers of MBC‘s hit King of Masked Singer have once again voiced out their suspicions of a contestant, this time guessing her to be an Apink member.

Aired on June 14th, a female contestant that goes by the nickname “Mother Said UV Nope” came onto the stage, dressed in an ajumma visor, pants, and white gloves before belting out Travel Sketch’s “Falling Star” with her male competitor, “Beethoven Virus.”

With the utmost confidence and harmonizing amazingly well with her competitor, “Mother Said UV Nope” took viewers and the panels breath away with her vocals.

Netizens and viewers have speculated that the ajumma-dressed competitor is actually Apink’s Jung Eunji, pointing out the way that the contestant holds her microphone as she sings, her posture, and how she sings.

On the other hand, panelist Lee Yoon Suk voiced out that “Mother Said UV Nope” is not an idol singer as “she was different from the start of the song. They are of Park Min Kyung and Shin Hyo Bum  (veteran singers) class.”

Of course, the only time viewers will be proven correct – or even wrong – is if “Mother Said UV Nope” gets eliminated from the show, and only then will her mask be taking off to reveal her true identity. Should there actually be an idol underneath that mask, she will undoubtedly experience another surge in popularity as her singing abilities as an idol has been proven through King of Masked Singer.

A similar situation has occurred with idols Girl’s Day’s Sojin, B1A4’s Sandeul, former After School leader Kahi, BTOB’s Sungjae, TEEN TOP’s Chunji, and especially f(x)’s Luna.

Source: OSEN