TXT’s Huening Kai Names A MOA’s Baby During Concert

Imagine being named by Huening Kai!

TXT‘s Huening Kai helped to name a future MOA (TXT fan)!

TXT’s Huening Kai in Atlanta, GA. | @TXT_members/Twitter


Recently, they performed in Atlanta, GA, at Fox Theatre on July 12.

TXT at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA. | @TXT_bighit

There were many memorable moments for MOAs, but there is one in particular that a MOA will never forget.

Christine (@cpaulkns on Twitter) shared that she had brought a sign to the concert, asking TXT to pick her baby’s name. He originally wrote a girl’s name before realizing the baby was a boy! So, he ultimately suggested “Nathan.”

Huening Kai originally saw the sign during soundcheck. Finally, during the concert, fellow MOAs assisted her so that Huening Kai could obtain the sign to write his name choice.

The video of Huening Kai helping to name Christine’s baby has gone viral on Twitter with 407K views at the time of writing, and it’s not even been a full day since the concert! MOAs can’t get over how sweet he is.

Christine also posted the video on TikTok, which is quickly going viral, with 88.2K views at the time of writing.


Huening Kai was so sweet to write name options – twice! He wrote “Lilly” before I could tell him it was a boy. Then, he wrote “Nathan”! 💙 @txt.bighitent #txt #txtmoa #moa #tomorrow_x_together #tomorrowxtogether #txt #thursdayschild #hueningkai #hueningkaitxt #hueningkaibestboy #hyuka #txtinatl #txtinatlanta #txtworldtour #txtworldtour2022

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In the comment section on TikTok, she explains more about how it happened. Huening Kai had actually received the sign twice, and Christine received it back after the final speeches.

| @cpaulkone/TikTok

It is certainly the biggest flex for the future MOA to be named after the one and only Huening Kai! That’s the biggest flex ever.

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