Suran Reveals She’d Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

She poured her heart out.

Singer Suran appeared on Video Star to make a shocking confession for the first time ever. She revealed that she’s actually been battling breast cancer for 3 to 4 years.

She was initially scared to tell people about it because she feared that they would look at her differently, but she finally got the courage to speak out.

“I was afraid that people would look at me differently. Now I realize that I don’t need to worry about that, but I was worried back then and it’s now been 3~4 years.”

— Suran


She was diagnosed back in her mid to late 20s, had to undergo extensive surgery and eventually lost one of her breasts. She said the complete procedure changed her in so many ways, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

“I was actually diagnosed with breast cancer, and I had to undergo serious surgery. I currently don’t have one of my breasts.

It happened in my mid to late 20s, so it was such a shock to me. I personally feel that a lot of me feminity has died. I’ve changed a lot. The way I dress, the way I talk and my personality changed but the people who see me on TV look at me in a different light. That also concerns me too.”

— Suran


Thankfully, her treatments were successful as it hasn’t come back ever since! Although she’s been in complete remission for a couple of years, doctors usually consider their patients “cured” after 5 years or more. Suran continues to keep a close watch on her status with frequent check-ups!

“I haven’t faced recurrence yet, but I continually get it checked out.”

— Suran


The rest of the cast gave her a round of applause for her bravery in battling such a scary disease and thanked her for having the courage to share.


With hopes that the worst is fully behind her, Suran continues to strive on to do what she loves most – make music! Check out her latest release, “Don’t hang up”!

Source: News1 and National Cancer Institute