Starbucks Korea Drops New Merchandise For BTS Collaboration

Who’s ready for this collaboration?

Previously, Starbucks Korea revealed five new food products in collaboration with BTS. On January 16, 2020 KST, Starbucks Korea revealed the six new products that will also be a part of this collection.


This is the first time Starbucks Korea has collaborated with an artist. They will be working with BTS with the theme of ‘Be the Brightest Stars’ to spread a positive influence to the youth in Korea.


The six products that have been revealed include a mug, two types of glasses, pouches for tablet and laptop, and a tin case that includes a key chain.


They will also release a promotional drink during this time called the Blooming Purple Vin Chaud.


Special promotional cup holders and paper bags with both the Stabucks and BTS logo on it will be used during this time as well.. The BTS paper bag will only be given to those who purchase a product from this collaboration.


Starbucks has also stated that they will be playing BTS’s “Make It Right” in their stores throughout this collaboration event.


CEO Song Ho Seob commented, “It is so meaningful to us that we are able to work with a group that has such a positive influence in the world. We hope that this collaboration with them will help spread awareness about the youth in our society today.”


This food and drink promotion will be held from January 21 to February 6 KST and all proceeds from this event will be donated to a campaign that will help the youth in achieving their dreams.

Source: asiae