August 12th

Netizens Think Kang Tae Oh Channeled His Inner BTS’s V During An Episode Of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”
Did you notice any similarities?
Viewers Criticize The Latest Episode Of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” For Making Light Of Cancer
The drama is accused of being insensitive to cancer patients and their loved ones.
TXT’s Taehyun Hilariously Becomes “Jealous” Of ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki In Latest Weverse Post
Taehyun was shook by MOAs’ knowledge of ENHYPEN!
MAMAMOO Solar Left Fans Shook With Her Unrecognizable Transformation And An Explicit “WAP” Cover
Streets are saying MooMoos are still in recovery.
BTS Jimin And J-Hope’s Behavior Towards TXT At “Lollapalooza” Goes Viral, Showcasing The Duo’s True Personalities
“We have been blessed with this TXT x BTS crumbs video!”
BIBI Reveals The Differences Between Clubbing In Gangnam, Hongdae, And Itaewon
“I’m a really hot girl, and I’m here to hook up with a really hot guy.”

August 11th

Growing BTS Addiction Alarms Parents In India
Almost 70% of kids reportedly addicted to BTS were girls.
Seoul Is Still Recovering From Its Historic Flood, And These Celebrities Are Doing Their Part To Help
The nation’s most beloved stars are sending love right back.
BTS’s Jungkook To Release Creative Pictorial For His Birthday
He was involved in the entire creative process!
Popular YouTuber Is Called Out For Saying He Wanted To Beat Up WINNER’s Mino And Disparaging Those Affected By Depression
“What’s wrong with him?”