July 1st

“Queendom 2” Versus “Girls Planet 999″—Kep1er Dishes On What Makes Both Survival Programs Similar And Different
They already experienced two competitions.
Solo Versus Group: These Are The Challenges TWICE’s Nayeon Faced When Recording “IM NAYEON” Without Her Members
Recording solo has its downsides.
TWICE’s Nayeon Was Worried The First Time She Heard The Demo Version Of “POP!”—Here’s Why
She had some doubts.
BTS’s RM Is Having Fun On “BTS Island: In The SEOM,” And He Even Got Some Revenge On Jungkook
It comes after Jungkook’s own island design!
TWICE’s Nayeon And Momo Give Fans A Sneak Peak Into The Group’s Dorm, And It’s Anything But “Alcohol-Free”
It is a first glimpse into the group’s dorms and drinking habits!
TWICE’s Nayeon Often Wished She Had Debuted Under A Different Name, Here’s Why
It would have had one important perk.
A Scene In “Money Heist: Korea” Is Criticized By Koreans For Stroking Anti-Japanese Sentiments
“Honestly, it was a tacky way to bash Japan out of nowhere…”

June 30th

“Money Heist: Korea” Is A Commercial Success Despite Negative Reviews From Domestic Audiences
“Those memorable characters (in the original) were all deflated in the Korean version…”
How TWICE’s Nayeon Takes Care Of Her Mental Health As One Of K-Pop’s Biggest Idols
Because fame and fortune don’t guarantee peace.
Yang Hyun Suk’s Brother Yang Min Suk Returns As YG Entertainment CEO Ahead Of Rumored BLACKPINK, iKON, And TREASURE Tours
He is back as a CEO.