Man Getting Arrested Goes Viral On Twitter With BTS ARMY

“Like a criminal undercover…”

A photo of a man getting arrested has unexpectantly gone viral among ARMY on Twitter.


Recently, a photo was posted to Twitter of a man being arrested. He appeared to be wearing a baseball T-shirt with the original BTS logo on it.

| @wohjmn/Twitter

For those who may not remember the everso iconic logo, it was a bulletproof vest, referencing the group’s full name Bangtan Sonyeondan or the Bangtan Boy Scouts.


Naturally, the photo went viral on Twitter among ARMYs. The post below has 43K likes at the time of writing.

The jokes surrounding it didn’t end at the picture. That was only the beginning.

The sight of the bulletproof vest on the man’s shirt as he was being arrested was just too ironic.

Some suggested that he took some of BTS’s songs’ lyrics too seriously…

Others theorized who the man’s bias was. The overwhelming majority said RM.

Still, many were more concerned about getting him the help he needs. We know a really good lawyer.

The photo can now be added to an evergrowing collection of iconic photos of people wearing BTS shirts in unexpected and wild situations.

Source: wohjmn

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