Jessi, CLC’s Yujin, and more confirmed for MBC’s “Real Men – Female Special 3”

Ten female celebrities will be joining the next female special season of Real Men and will be enduring the hardships that come with military soldier training.

Celebrities confirmed include trot singer Park Gyu Ri, actresses Yoo Sun, Han Chae Ah, Han Groo, and Shin So Yeul, gag woman Kim Hyun Sook, singer Jessi, girl group CLC member Yujin, Japan-born broadcaster Sayuri, and former tennis player Jeon Mi Ra.

For this season, the ten women will be filming alongside the Capital Defense Command’s elite “spider” unit that deals specialy with counter-terrorism.

Official filming for the episode will begin on August 19th with their military entrance interview to be aired on the 23rd.

Real Men previously teased the upcoming female special in their last broadcast, only hinting at their identity through silhouettes.

Source: OSEN