Crush Is So Effortlessly Funny Even Lee Young Ji Wants Tips

He doesn’t know it, but he’s hilarious.

Lee Young Ji is known for her chaotic energy that brightens up anyone’s day, but Crush gave her a run for her money when he guested on My Alcohol Diary.

Right from the start, it seemed like Crush had yet to shake off his military habits as he sat down with his back completely straight. Turns out, he couldn’t lean against the wall since the mic was in the way. But when Young Ji jokingly suggested he take the mic off, Crush wholeheartedly agreed as if he forgot why he was wearing it in the first place.

Crush’s innocent response sent Young Ji into a fit of laughter, and his continual cluelessness made it impossible for Young Ji to recover.

Me? What’s funny? I didn’t do anything yet.

— Crush

While no one can figure out why, plenty of people find Crush hilarious, even though he isn’t trying to make them laugh.

It’s a special gift he has, and though he thought Young Ji was the same, she adamantly denied it. While her aim is to bring other people happiness through her words and actions, she isn’t able to do it as effortlessly as Crush.

Because of this difference, Young Ji asked Crush for some tips, and Crush didn’t hesitate to start listing out his memes that went viral. One time he went viral for winning the “2016 Han River Spacing Out” Competition, and another time he went viral for his performance in the pouring rain.

The tips he gives are proof of his natural humor, but it will be difficult for anyone else to go viral in the same way. After all, not many people can cause chaos just by introducing themselves.

Even when he tried to teach Young Ji the point dance of his new song “Rush Hour,” he couldn’t do so without sending her and the staff into a state of mental collapse.


fcking dying rn 😭😭 #leeyoungji #crush #noprepare #myalcoholdiary

♬ Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS) – Crush

He also has a completely random side to him that takes over when he’s comfortable, and while we have no explanation for this moment, we can’t deny that it made us happy.


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♬ Shut Down – BLACKPINK

Perhaps the funniest part of this episode was when Crush had to go to the bathroom. As viewers know, Young Ji’s bathroom door is hard to pry open once it closes, and Crush’s gullible nature and struggle to open the door had everyone, including Young Ji, in tears.


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♬ الصوت الأصلي – Fangirl

Yet despite all the laughter, Crush has no idea he’s hilarious, which is probably why he’s so effortlessly funny in the first place.

While Crush as an artist easily moves our hearts, this side of Crush is so unexpected and chaotic that we can’t help but want more.

Lee Young Ji