October 16th

“Squid Game” Almost Had A Completely Different Title — Here’s Why They Kept It

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Real Life “Squid Game” In The Netherlands Draws Crowd Of Hundreds, Including Children

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Here’s What ITZY’s Chaeryeong Had To Say About Meeting aespa

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SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Tried To Interact With Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, And It Was Utterly Adorable

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Fans Worry For Stray Kid’s Lee Know After His Performance Atop A Building Despite His Fear Of Heights

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Explaining The “-TV” Slang That BTS’s Jin Seems To Be Addicted To On Weverse

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Fans Call On JYP To Stop TWICE’s Skin Whitening Brand Endorsement

TWICE’s new endorsement is drawing criticism from those who say it promotes colorism.

BTS’s Jungkook Earns Praise For Not Having His Doberman’s Ears And Tail Cut

He chose to keep Bahm’s natural looks.

“Squid Game” O Yeong Su And Anupam Tripathi To Make Guest Appearances On Popular TV Programs

The show has taken the world by storm!