Here Are 12 Vampire Edits And Fanart Of BTS’s Jungkook Inspired By “Me, Myself, And Jung Kook”

From sexy to cute, ARMY covered every style!

BTS‘s beloved ARMY are just as creative and talented as they are! Upon seeing Jungkook‘s photofolio teaser for “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook,” fans took it upon themselves to create stunning edits and fanart inspired by “Vampire Jungkook.” Check out some of the best pieces below!

1. This retro VHS-inspired art is *chef’s kiss.*

2. Just try not to fall into his piercing, red gaze.

3. Babies can be vampires, too. 🥺

4. This artist might have manifested the era of Vampire Jungkook — and for that, we thank them!

5. Yes, he actually said that during a livestream.

6. This features an adorable guest appearance from BT21’s Cooky.

7. This gorgeous art shows a whole new side of Jungkook.

8. This is one risk ARMY are willing to take.

9. It’s all fun and games until Jungkook actually does this pose.

10. Yeah, he’s thirsty!

11. Introducing the newest Cullen family member.

12. Is it possible to fall in love with art?

Check out how fans reaction to Jungkook’s post below!

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