Coming together through the survival program I-LAND, the septet was formed with the goal of creating a next-generation leading K-Pop artist.

With their burning passion and drive, even before debut, they had already succeeded in achieving that goal. Further setting them apart as leading artists, these 7 guys continue to captivate with their wide range of skills and intriguing concepts as well as through their strong connection with fans.

TXT Taehyun’s TikTok With His “Baby” ENHYPEN’s Jungwon Is Making Fans Soft

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ENHYPEN’s Heeseung Is A Source Of Happiness For TXT’s Beomgyu—And For A Good Reason

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ENHYPEN’s Security Detail Is Criticized, Alleged to Have Forcibly Pushed Female Fans

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International Fans Defend ENHYPEN’s Bodyguards For Using Force To Protect The Group When Getting Mobbed

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Netizens Finally Found Out What BTS’s Epic Former Manager Sejin Is Doing, And They Couldn’t Be Happier

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A Flight Attendant Met ENHYPEN On A Flight And Shared Her Experience

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The HYBE 02-Liners Have Become Closer, And ENHYPEN’s Jay Has Proof

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ENHYPEN’s Jay Has The Perfect Way Of Showcasing His Love For Role Model BTS’s V

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