Brave Girls

Brave Girls Postpones First Solo Concert Due To Recent Rise Of COVID-19 Cases

They hope that the situation gets better soon.

Brave Girls’ Minyoung Has Tested Negative For Covid-19

She has tested negative.

Brave Girls’ “After We Ride” Music Video Hits 20 Million Views

They are keeping it hot this summer.

Brave Girls To Make A Speedy Comeback With New Album On August 23

This album will continue the story from their previous album.

Brave Girls Yujeong’s Recent Thrusting Motion Receives Criticisms — Fans Flock To Her Defense

Funny vs. too much?

Brave Girls Tests Negative For COVID-19 But Plans To Still End Promotions

They will stop all promotions to protect their artists.

Brave Girls To Temporarily Halt Activities Until COVID-19 Test Results Are Confirmed

They are taking the utmost caution due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

Brave Girls’ Yujeong Reveals Why Brave Brothers Chose Not To Advise Them On Their Comeback This Time

“He didn’t give any advice.”

Brave Girls’ Minyoung Got Savagely Roasted By Her Members For Her Tiny Fists

Her members totally roasted her on camera!

Brave Girls’ Yuna Hilariously Picks The Most Tiring Member Of The Group

When asked who tired her out the most, Yuna instantly had an answer ready!