Kwanghee intimidated by G-Dragon during first official recording together in “Infinite Challenge”

Despite being friendly towards one another in the past episodes, Kwanghee‘s fun-loving personality made a complete 180 when he entered the studio with BIGBANG.

During the August 8th episode of MBC‘s Infinite Challenge, the six teams began to complete last minute preparations before the official music festival began.

To determine the order of the festival lineup, a quiz game was played but unfortunately, Kwanghee’s team (Kwanghee, G-Dragon, Taeyang) lost resulting in their lineup as the first performers of the festival. G-Dragon, who was not present during the game due to a music video recording, voiced out his dissatisfaction of the results, but the team continued with earnest as they began their recording.

G-Dragon is known to be a perfectionist when it comes to recording, telling Kwanghee, “Let’s do it again,” whenever the ZE:A member made a mistake. Surprisingly, Kwanghee was seen replying with a “Yes using honorifics in the recording studio, suggesting he felt intimidated as previously in the program, they had dropped the honorifics towards one another.

Watch it below:

Source: Star News and My Daily