Jokwon “Kkap Kwon” makes a return with extravagant moves from EXID’s “Up & Down”

The popular “Kkap Kwon” makes a return on the recent episode of SBS‘s Same Bed Different Dreams as he showed off his extremely emphasized dance moves of EXID‘s “Up & Down.”

Aired on August 1st, a worried mother made an appearance on the show alongside her oldest son Kwak Gun and said, “My son keeps telling his younger brother to be his bodyguard and makes him open car doors for him.”

As the broadcast neared to an end, MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Jokwon up to the stage to demonstrate his “kkap” dancing that he is well-known for, teaching some point moves to become a “kkap master.”

Jokwon said, “If you dance normally, you’re just remembered as a good dancer. You have to make your expressions and even the end of your fingertips come to life.”

With hilarious expressions, Jokwon had the audience and celebrity guests cracking up at his “kkap” version of EXID’s “Up & Down” choreography.

Heo Jiung praised Jokwon, saying, “You’re really good,” with Yoo Jae Suk acknowledging Jokwon as the crowning “kkap” king.

Source: Star News