CJ ENM Will Reportedly Acquire SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment is now under CJ ENM.

“Street Woman Fighter” Last Battle: Here Are The Final 4 Crews Competing For The Ultimate Title

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Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Says There Were “Misunderstandings” Between Them And That She Has Received An Apology From Him

Kim Seon Ho has apologized to her.

Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Will Be Legally Dealing With Doxxers And Threats

Her safety was threatened.

10+ Moments From BTS’s TMI-Filled Live Broadcast That You Need To See

#14 was so cute!

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These Are The Official TOP 25 Most-Streamed K-Pop Albums Of 2021

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Golden Child’s Jangjun Asked ENHYPEN’s Sunoo On A Date Not Once—But Twice

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Here Are 6 Possible Spoilers For BTS’s Upcoming “PERMISSION TO DANCE” Concert, According To The Members

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Here Are 10+ Of Actor Ahn Bo Hyun’s Hottest Modeling Moments

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BTS’s V And Jungkook Were Once Asked The Same Question And Gave Completely Different Answers

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BTS’s Suga Once Started A Book Club With Eric Nam And Epik High’s Tablo

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“Girls Planet 999” Huening Bahiyyih’s Agency Is Finally Revealed (& Some Fans Are Concerned)

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Meet Chang Ryul: The Actor Who Plays Do Gang Jae AKA The Guy You Love To Hate In “My Name”

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Here Are 11 K-Pop Comebacks And Debuts To Get Hyped For In November 2021

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The Status For Kim Seon Ho’s 3 Upcoming Movies Is Now In Doubt Following His Scandal

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Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo Can’t Stay Away From Each Other As They Take Photos For Their “Lovestagram”

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NCT’s Haechan And Ten Once Got Ripped Off By A Photographer When They Were Still Trainees

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BTS V’s MBTI Personality Type Has Officially Changed

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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And AB6IX Used To Live Together, Here’s The Wholesome Tea

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Lovelyz’s Mijoo Gets Visibly Flustered As She Tells Her Blind Date To Send Her A DM

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TWICE Recorded Sound Effects For Fans To Use, And You Need Them ASAP

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