BESTie UJi and Crayon Pop Ellin’s weight revealed on KBS “Dream Team”

In a recent episode of KBS Dream Team – Season 2, BESTie UJi and Crayon Pop Ellin’s weight were revealed and have become a hot topic among the public.

Many members of girl groups made an appearance on the December 21st broadcast of Dream Team, including BESTie’s UJi and Crayon Pop’s Ellin, whose weights were recorded for the competition’s side game in which the group with the lesser weight won. The two were not able to conceal their fluster as they stepped on the scale.

UJi’s weight was revealed to be 52.72kg (116~lb), while Ellin, who has a relatively small stature, weighed at 46.22kg (102~lb) and winning the game. The singers’ current artist profiles read 50kg and 44kg respectively.

In related news, Crayon Pop took the win in the wrestling tournament on Dream Team.

Source: OSEN